My Life in 2020

Early Life

4th February 2020

I don’t remember much of my first four years when we lived in Tilbury except I do remember that the kitchen seemed big to me. Then there was what must have been the last Christmas there as I remember a huge Christmas tree but it could have been in a neighbour’s house. I remember my sister and I having a picture taken at our front door wearing our nighties. We also shared a bedroom even though it was a large house. Years later I knew it was because it was expensive to heat the house hence the need to keep costs down.

My memories really started when we moved to Grays. I loved that house and the garden which was long with plenty of room to play in. We lived in a quiet street so it was safe to play outside with our friends. My sister and I had separate bedrooms but we had to share if relatives came to stay.

My dad, at some point, started growing vegetables at the end of the garden and got a greenhouse. We also had a cooking apple tree, pear tree, rhubarb, blackcurrant bushes. redcurrant bushes and gooseberry bushes. I have fond memories of picking fruit off the bushes then ‘topping and tailing’ them so they were ready to cook. I was a fussy eater but loved the fruit pies and crumbles my mum made. As I got older I got better for eating vegetables but probably because they were home grown and tasted nice.

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