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1st February 2020

Today is the first day that the UK has been out of the EU and it’s about time too.  I am old enough to remember the UK joining the EU and I remember being told about it at school.  From a child’s point of view I wasn’t all that interested but we did have a few discussions about it at school.

Now, after three years of discussion, the UK officially left the EU at 11 pm last night.  It’s been boring though seeing so many posts on Facebook last night and that’s with us going out for a meal.  I am hoping the money being chucked at the EU due to membership will now be spent on the NHS, the homeless, unemployment and other worthy causes.  Life will stay very much the same for us no doubt and we are happy living where we are.

We have been having a ‘wonderful’ time with Bandit, our Saluki, who had to be neutered on medical grounds.  One of his testicles was retained so we were keen to get that sorted as soon as possible as there are health risks if not dealt with.  We got the obvious advice of keeping Bandit calm for a few days which has been impossible as he is such a happy dog who bounces of the walls when he is awake.  Having Cassie, our very happy staffie, has made it interesting with trying to get her to be quiet as well.

We rescued Cassie from the Newcastle Dog and Cat shelter not far off three years ago and it didn’t take long to fall in love with her.   Cassie spent most of her first four years at the shelter and the only reason we can think off why she was repeatedly taken back is because she is boisterous,  However, Cassie gives so much love back to us.

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