My Life in 2020


The time came sooner rather than later that we needed a new bed thanks Bandit aka Bam-Bam, our Saluki. The mattress was getting threadbare even though it’s only about 5 years old and Bam-Bam made it worse as he decided to start digging holes. Cassie, our happy staffie, decided this was fun and has helped in the destruction. I managed to stop too much destruction so I could go to bed at night until we got another bed.

It was decided to go through Buy as You Go Carpets as we got our living room carpet through the company which was a reasonable price. This went well and we chose a bed base with headboard and a decent mattress with us paying a deposit, delivery charge and one month upfront. On Wednesday I got a phone call saying we would be getting the bed on Friday.

Yesterday, with help from our friend, our bed was dismantled and taken to a dump and between us we got the floor cleared of rubbish, hoovered and clean. It’s amazing how much rubbish can collect under a bed but I also found my prescription long-distance glasses that have been missing for months and so money.

We eventually got the bed frame/base mid-afternoon but then found out the mattress is being delivered separately. The bed frame is assembled, two of the drawers were left till today and we have been able to borrow a mattress until we get ours. At least I have a bed to sleep on!

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