My Life in 2020

At last …

We finally got our mattress this morning so I am hoping it has been worth the wait. It arrived rolled up and vacuumed packed so initially I wasn’t convinced it would go back to the size it should be.

Before we had to go out for our retinal scans it was well on the way of filling up the space it needed to fill and was rising up. It still needed to stretch a bit further length way but I haven’t been in the bedroom since. It better be worth the wait particularly after sleeping on a normal size bed double mattress on a king’s size base. I was glad that I had been able to get stuff packed away in the drawers as it makes my life easier,

We got to our appointments early and got seen early so when we left it was at the time of the second appointment. It took a while for my eyes to stop stinging from the eye drops and that was the worst my eyes have felt when at a retinal scan. From what I could of the pictures of my eyes they looked okay but who am I to comment?

Now I feel we can get back to normal now that we have got various appointments out of the way. Vet appointments aren’t such a big issue unless we are getting a pet neutered. The last one was Bandit and he has healed up nicely. We know we need to get our youngest cats, Storm and Shadow, neutered but cats are easier to deal with than dogs.

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