My Life in 2020

Too tired to care

After a week of visiting our friend in the hospital, we got him home on Friday. At the moment I am going over three times a day just to make sure he doesn’t over-medicate himself but we already know he isn’t happy that his medication has been reduced. He is also being a bit of a pain with being told that he can’t take any as and when he wants to the point that I’ve told him to read the labels. I have also got to finish going through all the meds he was taking pre-op to make sure I get rid of the ones he doesn’t need anymore. It was that bad he was also self-medicating and overdosing on over the counter medication.

It’s sad that we are doing this to keep a 61-year-old man from being childish and thinking he knows better than the rest of us. We had to let the nursing staff know what he was doing so on discharge she went through the meds with us and him. I have made it quite clear with our friend that I will do what I can to help him but he has lost my trust so there only so much I’ll put up with.

Due to everything that happened last week, I stopped sleeping so well and my mood has dropped very low. On top of that, I have run out of three of my meds and I am waiting for a text to let me know I can collect them.

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