My Life in 2020

Coping …. just

It’s incredible how tiring it is being forced to stay at home so much. nor was I prepared to be in so much pain. With my right wrist, it hasn’t helped with the dogs jumping on and off the chair and landing on it. I’ve also had to deal with achy shoulders which have caused me to have problems sleeping. What didn’t help last night was going out into our front garden and stepping on to a slab which wasn’t on flat ground and I fell onto my left side, hitting my head and making my left shoulder worse.

It’s worse for Rick as he doesn’t have any hobbies except web design and playing games on his ipad. At least I have several hobbies so I can swap around what I’m doing.

I don’t think the dogs could understand why we started spending more time with them. They love it though as they are getting plenty of attentionand see more of our friend now as well.

Hopefully the health club will be re-opened sooner rather than latter as I’m missing swimming. The exercise has helped as a form of pain relief so I have missed that.

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