My Life in 2020

Having a break

We have had time away first to Devon then in Essex to see family. It was a well deserved break after the year we have had and not being able to see family due to COVID-19.

We have an exhausted dog as we spent the mornings out in Devon which is a hilly county. The exercise and sea air made me feel generally happier so it was worth the pain just to be happy. We even went to a nano brewery which we hadn’t expected to do. It’s at a beautiful village that’s on a private estate. I think we both deserved a medal as it’s a steep cobblestone road to get the village and had to do the walk back out again. There is a landrover that takes people back up but due to restrictions in place over COVID it’s not runing at the moment.

It was lovely to see family and meeting the latest edition who’s 5 1/2 months old. She is absolutely adorable and a happy little soul, she giggled when Bandit gently licked her hand. He was very good with all the children and enjoyed being stroked by them.

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