My Life in 2020


I haven’t felt like posting for the past month as each day feels like groundhog day. Depression isn’t helping my mood which is being made worse as I’m putting on so much weight. I am at a loss what to do and I hate being so fat and getting fatter. My sleep patterns are still really bad and it doesn’t help being woken up most mornings. I was that exhausted today I struggled to keep my eyes this morning.

The one thing that has amused me this evening was three comments on my last post. All comments have to be approved or deleted first anyway but these were identical in reference to copyright of the photograph. The point is I took the photograph therefore I don’t need to ask permission to share it as I own it.

I will be glad when this second lockdown is over as I’m tired of us not being able to go far. Not that it has been worth going far as so many places have been closed.

This is my beautiful Saluki – Bandit aka Bam-Bam

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