My Life in 2020

National lockdown …. again!

We went into lockdown for a month before Christmas just to really cheer us up again. Having gone so many months of not being able to do much it didn’t make much difference. When we came out of that we were put into tier 3 which annoyed me as infection rates have been low here yet London was in tier 2 where numbers were rising.

Sadly we weren’t able to go out for our Christmas Day meal which we have been doing. It saves me cooking and clearing up afterwards. Instead we went to a butchers called Bolamto get a fresh turkey and other meat for over the silly season. Neither of us were bothered about having a three course meal but we enjoyed what we had. I’m not that bothered over having turkey but when it’s a fresh turkey it always seems to taste nicer.

We are now back to lockdown again although all of England is now in lockdown. This time it’s a bit more stricter than the first one so whilst I fully understand it’s still frustrating. What doesn’t help is that there are variants of COVID which are worse and of course all the idiots who wouldn’t follow simple rules haven’t helped.

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