My Life in 2020

How time flies when you’re not having fun

Life is a bit better now non essential shops are open again but so many have closed due to three lockdowns. We have rejoined the local leisure centre as it was taking so much time out of the day going to the health club. It’s weird having to book a time to go in to the gym and it’s 50 minutes at a time.

Our neighbour is still being a pain and upped his game by using binoculars now which is an invasion of our privacy. I have started staring back at him which he hates and is now saying he only stares at us as we started this so I just laugh but it seems to be working. I shouldn’t have to though.

We got our new sofas today and it’s been exhausting trying to get the room straight again. I hate having osteoarthritis as I can barely move now. Hopefully I will have a good night’s sleep tonight.

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