My Life in 2020


Medicate or not medicate

I never thought I would see the day where I would be taking so much medication. It was a gradual increase with starting with finding out how high my blood pressure was resulting in being prescribed two lots of medication.

Since then the increase has been due to severe depression and osteoarthritis. A few years ago I was having a lot of discomfort when eating so I paid a visit to my GP about it. I got asked questions such as a history of ulcers in the family and stomach cancer so it was a straight ‘yes’. He put in a request for an endoscopy and was told I would get an appointment in two weeks’ time, this was on a Thursday. On Friday I got a telephone call from the hospital asking if I would accept a cancellation appointment the following day which I accepted.

I found out that there was erosion on my oesophagus and two tiny ulcers in my stomach. It was a relief to know what the problem is and I have been coping okay. My GP advised me to stop taking Naproxen which is an anti-inflammatory which I have done as it’s the drug that is most likely to cause this problem. Since then I haven’t been tempted to take it again and have got used to having swollen fingers.

I have been weaning myself off Gabapentin and Tramadol over the past few weeks after speaking to one of the doctors at the surgery. Now I am Gabapentin free and slowly getting off Tramadol. I’ve had days when I have felt sick and had headaches but the pain I suffer isn’t any worse. The main improvement is I don’t feel tired all of the time now.