My Life in 2020


… and the wait goes on

It’s now Tuesday and we are still waiting for our mattress. Rick made a couple of phone calls this morning and by early afternoon he got a text message stating the mattress is on its way. We should be getting the mattress sometime tomorrow and we both have our yearly retina.l scans at the hospital in the afternoon.

Getting back to my life, in general, I have good memories and some not so good memories but that’s normal. I always loved the autumn from my earliest memories. It was fun on the way to school and home again going through the leaves on the ground. Of course, we liked collecting the leaves to go into our ‘guys’ for Guy Fawkes Night. It was a great day to have my birthday on as I got the bonfire night party which was also a joint one for a couple of years with one of my friends as we shared the same birthday. The time came eventually when I was asked if I wanted a party or a ‘special meal’ so I went for the meal. It was a family tradition to choose what we wanted to eat on our birthdays.

One of my favourite memories was of growing up was watching my dad have a go on my space hopper as he thought it looks good fun watching me. He got from the house, round the fish pond and straightened up to go back to the house. Then my dad ended up on his back and I was almost in tears laughing then I got the ‘you could have helped me get up instead of laughing.’ My mum was laughing too and said basically the same but I will always remember the laughter.

I have so many good memories growing up such as watering the garden for my parents and turning the hose onto my sister or having the hose over the line and running through the water. We would wash my dad’s car or help with picking fruit or get veg in with my dad. When the weather was good we and other children would play out on the street as it safe and if it snowed we would build snowmen. I suffer from poor circulation so if I stayed outside too long my hands would go blue and I would cry as it hurt.

When I got older I wished at times that I could have stayed younger as life was simpler. The change of how I felt generally was a gradual change but by my teens, I was unhappy as often as I was happy. I couldn’t explain why and I felt guilty as I didn’t have a reason for this.