My Life in 2020


Getting back to normality

Life is getting back to normality although there are still restrictons in place. It is a relief as we have got to the stage of not wanting to go far. It’s a good thing we have contented pets although we have lost our beautiful Cassie our very happy staffie.

She became increasingly more agitated and didn’t like us leaving home regardless of whether we were taking the dogs out for a walk or us going out for another reason. The vet reassured us that we were doing the right thing but I still feel guilty even though it was stressing me so much that she was getting so aggressive with it. I’ve only just got used to Cassie not coming to bed with me and lying under my knees. She knew my moods and could be so gentle but we had to do the right thing for her.

Bandit aka Bam-Bam has calmed down so much although he still has his scatty moments. Peggy-Sue and Storm are very tolerant of Bandit and they are getting very close. He has such a sweet temperament and is very comical.

Rick is self-isolating for 6 days apart from getting a COVID-19 test done on Saturday. He will be getting some tests done next week with the fun bit starting tomorrow. Rick has got to be on a bland diet then the day before he will be on fluids only. It’s going to be a long 6 days.