My Life in 2020


Depression, BLM and Facebook

I still can’t shake off being depression but Facebook isn’t helping due to people not educating themselves therefore doing their best to make me look bad. Sadly it’s much to do with Black Lives Matter which people think I’m not getting it over racism, white supremecy and how black people are generally treated by police.

I’m not stupid or ignorant I am fully aware of racism and not just towards black people. For example, a favourite complaint is about immigrants coming to the UK for our benefits and NHS. I know there is truth in this as I’ve seen it with my own eyes in South East England but not all immigrants are like that.

There are East Europeans in North East England who are hard working, pay their taxes and make N.I. (national insurance) payments so they are paying into ‘the system’. Why should they suffer racism when they are working and paying their dues?

There aren’t so many ethnic groups in the area we live but again they work hard too. The gypsies/travellers aren’t very popular either and I understand why yet the ones I’ve got to know aren’t all bad. Some have been honest about the trouble they have been in but are trying to turn their lives around. It’s not easy for them but the ones I’ve got to know have been respectful and honest. I used to spend quite a bit of time at one chapel in the circuit and some of the gypsies helped out around the place with such things as repairs. If I was spending time in the chapel they would always make a point of coming to me for a chat. It helped me to understand them better.

However, on the other side of the coin, black people need to accept responsibility for their own actions. George Floyd whose death started up BLM (peaceful) protests had a criminal past but found faith so should have had the support of all people. It’s also terrible he died because of a police officer but one point people are missing is statistically more white people die at the hands of the police. They will argue that it is because there are more white people but this is taken into account. A police officer killing a black person causes an uproar and in this case four officers are facing charges. A white person dies and nothing happens to the officer so isn’t that racism towards white people.

It frustrates me that when a white person dies because of the police it is rarely in the news but if it’s a black person dies there is uproar. They miss the point that all lives matter not just black lives. Yes I do understand the white supremecy point but not all white people are like that. Why should the average white person be tarred with the same brush?

I understand why black people are making a stand but the problem is it’s only black people who deserve equality. What about all the ethnic groups who have been treated badly by white people?

Is it okay for Native Americans, Aborigines and Maoris to name three groups to be treated less than equal to white people?

No, they deserve equal rights as well.

If a death is to do with the KKK then yes I agree it is disgusting and white supremecy is a major part of it. But what about racism from ethnic groups?

Why is that called being judgemental instead of racism?

My husband and I have suffered racism and threats of violence and potentially death. What about the racism towards Jewish people?

Is that okay?

Do people seriously believe all racism is aimed at black people?

We don’t see asian people starting up Asian Lives Matter or Jewish people starting up Jewish Lives Matter. It’s like saying the Holocaust didn’t really happen and there are people who believe that.

As far the white sypremecy slave trade, well a black American has done her research which is in the internet arena. The slave trade was actually started by black West Africans and Ghanians and wasn’t abolished until after the UK and USA abolished it. Why are people choosing to ignore that fact?

I’ve been ignored each time I have made that point. Don’t people like or accept that black people are equally to blame for the slave trade?

What is the problem with accepting all ethnic groups lives matter?

Isis don’t care what colour a person is when they commit acts of terrorism so why on earth can’t all groups come together to end racism and inequally instead of putting black people on a pedestal?