My Life in 2020


Trouble sleeping

It’s been getting very stressful not sleeping well at nighttime. I can’t ‘blame’ it on anything in particular apart from depression which is getting worse because I’m not sleeping well. Each day feels like a groundhog day which probably doesn’t help either.

We still don’t know when the health club will be open again though hopefully it will be early July. It will be interesting to see what ‘social distancing rules’ will be in place. At the moment it looks like it will just for members only, regular cleaning of hands and only so many members allowed in at a time. The speculation is on changing room protocols.

The weather is very unpredictable and I am fed up of being too cold or a bit too hot. A few days ago Rick had the bright idea to go on a longish walk when it was hot although there was a bit of a breeze. We were both flagging the closer we got back to home. I was shaky, had a headache and felt sick so I was very relieved to get home.