My Life in 2020


Too much stress ….

We knew our friend was on a programme to aim for bariatric surgery as he wanted to lose weight. The day came round for the operation on Thursday so we got him there as he needed to be at the hospital by 7 am. The operation went well and we went to see him in the evening.

Yesterday Rick and I went to visit him in the morning and found out he had had a fall but wasn’t concerned about that. He did seem rather drowsy and then we found out he hadn’t used his sleep apnea machine. The nurses’ didn’t even know he should have used it so they took that as the reason for him being like he was.

Yesterday afternoon we took his girlfriend to see him whilst we went to the health club. She was quite upset as he had discussed a DNR form as she didn’t know he had one and his surgery had a copy of it. We hadn’t known either and we’re down as his next of kin and then we found out he has a living will. It’s not that we mind as we know him well enough to respect his wishes but we don’t even know where they are. It’s something we need to sort out when he is home so assuming he dies first we know where the documents are.

The other issue that really upset all of us is he took tramadol before we got there in the morning. This is what contributed to his fall. Our friend knew that he couldn’t have any solids so any medication that doesn’t have a liquid equivalent has to be crushed. Water has to be added and he also knew he should have his medication when given and if he was in pain he should tell a nurse. His medication had been locked in a cupboard but he didn’t tell anybody he was in pain or that the Tramadol was in a pocket.

By the time his girlfriend turned up, the nurses knew what he had done and asked her to check his room. Subsequently, this was why he wasn’t quite his normal self has. Subsequently, our friend had a minor bleed and went to theatre last night and is in ICU now till at least Wednesday or Thursday. So … our friend has a catheter, various drips and is on oxygen but not the usual cannula type tubing, this tubing is bigger and fixed in place into his nose. His blood pressure is too low and his sats are all over the place so those need to be back to normal before he is allowed home.

When we saw him today he denied taking Tramadol but his girlfriend floored him and reminded him that the nurse had spoken to her about it. His next lame excuse was it is medication, not food so was reminded that we knew he couldn’t take medication unless it was crushed with water added or in liquid form.

Our friend doesn’t know yet we took in a slimming aid (tablets) and codeine which I thought was on prescription but it isn’t. I looked online and found out it is okay to take it with Amitriptyline but not if taken with that and other pain relief. He is very fortunate he isn’t in a coma or worse dead. The nurses had to write up a report and are arranging that we talk to one of the surgical team.